TLDR Life: Make Aeternum Green Again
Make Aeternum Green Again
September 20, 2022
My cousin sent me a screenshot of Orofena in Green for New World.

The current state of Orofena (NA-EAST server, New World): the Greens have it.

We're green too.

The green companies may be preparing before the incoming updates to the War mechanics. Or perhaps the Marauders are simply the better faction in Orofena right now. Competition is needed. Anyway, New World will attempt to revamp the war prior to adding Brimstone Sands on October. The notable proposals will address shell companies where a one company uses a proxy companies to bypass certain things (eg. exclusive war rosters, wealth, fight multiple wars the same day).

Some proposals would be to have a certain number of players at the same company during the war. A combination of cooldown timers from the last war played, or last company change are also considered. The problem is if one company can get unstoppable if they get all the wealth from the game thanks to shell companies. Other revamps mentioned to be released include crafting improvements and spreading wealth generation among the towns. For the mean time, let us remember Green Orofena.