TLDR Life: Internet Explorer will retire tomorrow
Internet Explorer will retire tomorrow
June 14, 2022
From its namesake, IE was the Internet explorer for Windows since Windows 95. After 26 years, IE will retire on June 15, 2022 and would be replaced by Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer was my first Internet browser since Windows 98 (we still didn't have dial-up back in Year/Windows 95). It had opened up the world for me. The Internet was fresh and new. The possibilities for the Internet was still a bright future back then. When the new millenium dawned upon us, new browsers were released such as Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. And these alternatives naturally poised to surpass IE in terms of speed and mobility.

While we can say that IE got left behind along the popular web browser race, IE was once the primary web browser for most people. Especially for the laypeople that needed only to browse the Internet (i.e no pun intended, click and wait for the page to load). I've started web-design on the Internet Explorer. I would also post designer notes on the website of what's the recommended browser and resolution. These "credits" were sort of a signature of the web designer in the early 2000s back when blogging and HTML porting was popular. And then compare designs between different browsers. There was so much work involved because of the different browsers!

Anyway, I remember. I'm sentimental. If it was retired on August, IE would've turned 27. There were a lot of good times. There were a few bad times. At the very least, IE allowed me to download other browsers whenever I install an OS. Rest easy now, IE. And let Edge take over.