TLDR Life: The "Weird" Al Yankovic Story coming soon!
The "Weird" Al Yankovic Story coming soon!
May 17, 2022
It's about time Weird Al Yankovic gets a film homage and it's adorable.

What started as a satire concept trailer will now be a full length film. The "Weird" Ak Yankovic Story teaser trailer is here.

Daniel Radcliffe will star as Weird Al Yankovic along with notable star Rainn Wilson (known famously as Dwight Schrute from The Office).

It's an adorable tribute. Weird Al Yankovic has been in the music and entertainment industry since 1976 and has been parodying pop songs until now. He's made written and starred the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movie in 1989 and now will be portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe. He is stil active in his career; he appears on Weezer's cover of Africa (originally sung by Toto).

For real though, Weird Al Yankovic has a great voice, extended vocal range, and a fast tongue. He's a great artist. A genius perhaps for his witty writing and composition. I mean listen to one of his original songs in the hey-days, "You Don't Love Me Anymore".