TLDR Life: Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet surfaced!
Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet surfaced!
February 27, 2022
Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet has been announced with an official trailer showcasing an open-world game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet aims to be truly open-world which fans have been imagining since the conception of the term 'open-world'. It seems that Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been the test prototype all along as the Pokemon game evolves into a more seamless experience involving exploration and pokemon battles. It's time to move on from the clunky combat mechanics of encounters brought from previous generations before Pokemon Sword and Shield.

an image of the starter pokemons by: The Pokemon Company.
The new starters look great -- I finally want a cat pokemon.

Despite that I'm excited, I'm a little uncomfortable about the 2022 release date. Now, if Pokemon Scarlet and Violent have been concurrently been in production with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, then we could say that these have been in production for a couple of years already. The iterations make sense, since Pokemon Sword and Shield featured both an open world setting and a route-based map. Then they've added expansion passes as well which proved that the formula clicked.

For me, there is no doubt that the gameplay mechanics worked for Pokemon Legends: Arceus -- though the graphics may be outdated and the audio value could improve. Pokemon Legends: Arceus was what prompted me to revisit all of my Pokemon game saves on the Switch. And I want more Pokemon games to bring a similar exploration, role-play, and battle mechanics to it. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet seem to be the culmination of all of these Pokemon iterations which asks the question: would it become the ultimate Pokemon game?