TLDR Life: Rune Factory 5 is up for Pre-Order
Rune Factory 5 is up for Pre-Order
November 18, 2021
It's our turn to play Rune Factory 5 as the pre-order is available for North America and Europe until the March 22 and 25 respective release dates.
  • Rune Factory 5 was released in Japan this May 2021.
  • A spin-off to Harvest Moon, Rune Factory 5 is a story-rich, farming game and an action RPG.
  • A set of costume DLCs are also lined up.
  • The adventure will be much more immersive due to the new third-person view unlike the zoomed out top down view.
  • Preorder is available on Amazon, Walmart, and Nintendo. A limited edition is also available: with a steelbook case, art book, ost, and bonus in-game outfits.