TLDR Life: New World may be onto something
New World may be onto something
October 03, 2021
There's plenty of activities for all levels in New World with its PVE resource gathering, PVP territory wars, and coop dungeon raids yet the new MMO has to pass the litmus test if it will sustain the player base before the end of the year.

I apologize that we've been silent for a few days as my business colleague and I have been playing and enjoying New World. I haven't experienced any queue problem, because I played it after getting back from work. They've added more servers on the evening of launch, but our server population is now high. New World is fun. But so was Maplestory 2 on Steam. The question is will it keep a high playerbase after three months?

Honestly, I prefer the buy-to-play model of New World and it works. Amazon is running it too so folks shouldn't be too worried. All the territories have just been claimed today too: 5 Marauder, 4 Syndicate, 2 Covenant territories in Neritum server US East. The fun starts now.

The fishing is relaxing. Mining and logging are chill too. In fact, resource gathering is fun and you can focus on turning those into goods instead of adventuring as folks are still turning to the player markets since there is not any NPC shop in the game. The closest thing to selling equipment for money is salvaging your item which converts it into repair parts and a fraction of gold. So imagine: waking up from your player home, going outside the hamlet to gather stones, raw hide, or timber and then sell them to the trading post and call it a day, then detour to fish before going home -- rinse and repeat.

I always have major concerns playing MMOs and I can't shake the feeling that New World may become another Maplestory 2 where it started great then Nexxon shut down the Western servers. This is every MMO players' nightmare -- investing a lot of time, creating a lot memories inside a game, meeting new friends and then everything is gone one day. We're only into the first week and I'm already thinking that it's shutting down. The trauma is real. In New World, the game has plenty of space for expansion so I'm not worried.

There will be players who will drop later on especially those who can't wait for mounts (if mounts are indeed coming despite that the lore suggests otherwise). A shed of players is to be expected. Let's not hope that the shed would be at least half of the total. Although that means they'd be missing out on the game they've paid in full. Let's stop the report for now and I'll post more New World content in the near future.