TLDR Life: New World 1.03 and moving to a new world
New World 1.03 and moving to a new world
October 25, 2021
The New World update will feature an in-game token for server transfers, and fixes the property tax problem.

Notable updates and additions to New World 1.03 are:

  • A free name title called "The Stoic" especially for those who have endured the epic wait times.
  • A free "Waiting" emote that can be redeemed through the in-game store.
  • They finally fixed the issue about the actual tax property due on the first buy discount. The tax property will be derived from the full price of the house and NOT be based from the discounted price.
  • Server transfer feature is on the way where you will use an in-game token for players to transfer to a different server. Your character progression, inventory, storage, currency, house, house decorations, and quest progress will be saved. Those that cannot be transferred would be your company membership, friends list, and any active trade post sell/buy orders.
  • The 1.03 fix has also taken notice and would fix the "invincibility" bug where a player would be invulnerable to attacks while dragging the client window around while the game is in window mode.

  • Personally, I prefer the world I am playing now since our faction understands the incentive of a 5% Property Tax. But I'm also quite disappointed that having the top tier house would demand around 1k gold per ~week regardless of the discount. The one we're trying to determine now is that if you were away for two weeks, would you owe two weeks of Property Tax or would you owe only ~1 week of Property Tax since you haven't truly been using any house benefits in those two weeks? To be clear, property tax is due 7 days after purchase, and 5 days therafter which adds a layer of difficulty in playing this game.

    Buying a house in New World is a trap where you'll be forced to play just to maintain it. It's a reverse trap! It's a reverse subscription model wherein you have to play the game in order to pay off what you owe. Normally you have to pay off what you owe in order to continue playing the game. Note that it's not required to own a house in the game, but it is nice though. Why can't I have nice things in the game? Oh, right. The full-time permanent job and adult responsibilities in real life. We are left to realize that we if we bought an expensive house, we have to grind too in the videogame to pay it off.