TLDR Life: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp crashed
Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp crashed
October 04, 2021
Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp outage since 11am Central time and it's now past 2pm. *Update:* Service has resumed at 6pm Central.

Breaking: Reuters report that Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp experience a global outage.

Facebook is down along with Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Perhaps now is the time to seriously consider other social media platforms alternative to the Facebook giant - such as Minds, Rumble, or Parler. I didn't think that Facebook could be down for this long and I fail to realize that Facebook is still a website that can still crash.

Perhaps folks started to think Facebook as something invulnerable, but the reality is Facebook does not exist at the moment and it's rendered useless.

There are other people claiming that this may have to do with the recent FB whistleblower, Frances Haugen, that hate speech encourages profit on FB. I am curious what the cause is for the outage. If it's a tech difficulty outage then fine; if it's cyber attack related then we realize that Big Tech are still vulnerable; but if it's indeed related to damage control then it's time to jump ship.