TLDR Life: Should you buy the Nintendo Switch OLED?
Should you buy the Nintendo Switch OLED?
September 14, 2021
7-inch OLED screen, Wired LAN port, wide stand, 64 GB Internal Memory.
Same base Switch chipset performance: no CPU, RAM, GPU upgrade.
Good for those who have not purchased any Nintendo Switch yet.

The Switch OLED is summed up with ~$50 worth of peripherals (i.e. the LAN port, + 32GB of SD Card memory, a better stand) consolidated as an upgrade plus the bigger screen. So it's worth the price, however judging that it's becoming a dated system, it makes people still wonder if this new system is truly worth having. In fact, the base Switch (2.0) mainly those with the improved battery are getting a price reduction of $20.

The big screen is nice, but I'm unsure if folks will enjoy it on hand-held mode when it's already struggling on playing some of the high end ported games like The Outer Worlds or Doom Eternal. Bruh, even my Switch is struggling on my Animal Crossing: New Horizons when I'm jogging on a scene filled with decors and waterfalls. No, it will not support 4k -- honestly, this makes me laugh.

I don't blame Nintendo on the Switch OLED. I blame the rumor frenzy. Folks were saying that it will be next-gen, 1080p handheld, 60fpess no drop, and will end world hunger. And sure, we were eager for a Nintendo Switch Pro. What we're looking at is a Nintendo Switch Amateur. To be fair: Nintendo did not say anything about 4k support, 60fps performance, an upgraded Nvidia chip, and any specific significant hardware upgrade.

The Nintendo Switch OLED by Nintendo
Image source: Nintendo

Nintendo WOULD HAVE TRULY benefit with a Switch Pro that we wished for - ESPECIALLY when the Steam Deck is scheduled to release on Q1 2022. Fans wanted the Switch Pro; there's clearly a market for it; but Nintendo Nintendon't want to listen. Nintendo claims that this model isn't for competition, but I simply roll my eyes. Anyway, this is Nintendo we're talking about: the 3DS also had the 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, the 2DS, and the 2DS XL. How many more Switch models will they make?

Bottom line: the Switch OLED is geared for those who haven't played had the base Switch yet, or for those who already have a somewhat failing system. I know there will be some people who will still buy this as an addition to their Switch contingent because of the bigger OLED screen. Frankly, I'm curious about the 7-inch OLED too. The new Dock looks neat unlike the old one which feels like a cheap plastic. I'm still wary though when the frame drops on that 7" OLED screen.

The Nintendo Switch OLED will be released on October 8.

PS: Please release the Nintendo Super Switch.