TLDR Life: It's worth writing your kind words on Kind Words
It's worth writing your kind words on Kind Words
September 19, 2021
Kind Words is a place where you can find supportive friends when you need to hear a few words of encouragement. It's a place that I often visit so I can spread the cheer and hopefully brighten someone else's day.

  • View requests and write words of encouragement or anonymous advise.
  • Make requests to ask for help
  • Read real problems from real people, so don't be a jerk.
  • Chill lo-fi music.
  • Get stickers as thanks which can be used to decorate your room.
  • Be spontaneous and write your cheers on paper airplanes.
  • Mental Health is important especially during this pandemic.
  • Can relate to most of the problems makes me want to send everyone a virtual hug.
  • The issues I read are also the reasons why I keep writing positive letters to strangers on Kind Words.
  • Reading people's letters let me know that I'm not alone and receiving stickers makes my day as well. Kind Words is an uplifting game and truly a unique experience about connecting with other people. It's the multiplayer of the real world albeit connected to names with a single letter. It's proof that someone is trying their best everyday, but they may need a little bit of encouragement, cheer, and uplifting. Writing letters is worth it, because folks read your advise. I always log in and try to answer a few requests and then come back again another day to check. Frankly, Kind Words is a must-have.