Incoming Steam Fall (and Winter) Sale
November 18, 2022
The Steam Fall sale will run on November 22 to November 29. Then the Steam Winter sale will follow up not too far behind.

As per the changes on the Steam Sales:
Autumn Sale: Nov 22nd to Nov 29th
Winter Sale: Dec 22nd to Jan 5th
Spring Sale: March 16th to 23rd

Steam often run sales and publisher sales. But the seasonal sale is the time you've been waiting for to buy that game. As for myself, it would be the time to purchase a game-dev software.

Wanted: Resident Evil Code Veronica remake!
November 04, 2022
Resident Evil remakes and ports are in full swing with RE4 remake releasing next year. Now is the time to start marketing a Code Veronica remake!

The audacity! After the RE3 remake, it should be a Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake! Get it together, Capcom!

Survival Horror game remakes are in full swing! Notable titles such as Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, and Silent Hill are being remade for the next-gen. The time is now for a Resident Evil Code Veronica since the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 have made us wanting for more.

Some players are disappointed about RE3's length and 'missed' content. The point is, if Capcom somehow decides to add more content to RE3 (and here's me hoping), they would be received well by the fans. The overall design of the game (including RE2 remake) stayed true to the original. The direction for the RE4 remake next year has also been to stay true to the original. All things considered, a Code Veronica remake will do just fine.

Code Veronica has been an entry point to new Resident Evil fans as well. Despite that CV is somewhat of a spin-off. I remember reading Code Veronica on one of the old gaming magazines and I instantly dreamed of playing it. Because getting a Dreamcast was impossible for me back then. I had a huge yearn to play Code Veronica after seeing the next-gen graphics. Now it's a repeat imagining how a Code Veronica remake would play out.

Clearly there's a market for Resident Evil Code Veronica. In fact, a Resident Evil: Code Veronica fan remake is already being developed. The fan/indie game is currently on alpha. So we can only wonder why Capcom is still not poised to grab this opportunity. To be fair, Capcom may be working on 'RE9' instead which is understandably kept as a secret (Kawata 2022).

Manitoba to get 3rd area code
October 26, 2022
Manitoba will add a third area code (584) due to increased demand of mobile numbers.

According to Telecommunications Alliance: Starting October 29, the new 584 area code will be introduced in Manitoba in addition to 204 and 431.

There is increasing demand of mobile numbers in the region. 431 was implemented in 2012, only a span of ten years before this upcoming 584 addition. The new area code seeks to sustain more numbers in the future. Existing numbers will keep the same area code.

RTX 5090 leak
October 12, 2022
A closed Reddit post makes fun of what the RTX 5090 could look like - a massive chonk that could fit a computer inside.

A Reddit post made me laugh since the RTX 4090 is released today. GPU prices (mainly NVidia) skyrocketed at one point costing at the thousands. And the pricing continues to be left unchecked. They've become chunkier and more power hungry too as next-gen games have become frames-per-second intensive. If benchmarks are accurate, the RTX 4090 would actually be my last videocard (or at least worth the investment). We would have to see that soon.

With a $1599 card, I wish for that GPU would have its own NVMe, RAM, PSU, and Cooling system (+ CPU perhaps).

Meanwhile Intel's ARC graphics cards would be a welcomed competition for all gamers. There has to be more competitors in the GPU market. Graphics card prices are ridiculous. The Intel ARC would rival the RTX 3060; but most importantly the ARC 770 is priced at $329. Bring balance to the market, Intel!

Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan price to increase
October 04, 2022
Amazon will increase its Music Unlimited Family Plan from $14.99 to $15.99 starting November 8.

I received another pleasant news from Amazon that the Music Unlimited Family Plan pricing will increase from $14.99 to $15.99. The annual subscription fee will increase from $149 to $159. It appears that Amazon needs more money. And your common folk who just wants to enjoy music will probably start reconsidering. Like me. I wanted to see if someone else from my fam would be streaming Amazon music, but I'm thinking of switching to an individual plan from now on.

Brimstone Sands will release on October 18
New World's newest expansion Brimstone Sands will release on October 18 proving insider information correct.

Brimstone Sands, the newest zone in Aeternum, will be released on October 18. Players don't need to purchase this content. Brimstone Sands is three times larger than any territory and the whole region can be contested by a faction.

There are new outposts, NPCs, enemies, and materials to find in Brimstone Sands. Note that players must be max level in order to go to Brimstone Sands. Thus you will need your best gear to farm solo and do quests.

The Great Sword will be the newest weapon and will scale with STR and DEX attributes evenly. Some other updates would be map revamps and faction bases. Everfall looks like a progressive European town.

It's funny that the leaked date was correct. The first thing that we would do is to increase our standing in Brimstone Sands so that we can buy a house there immediately. The houses there look fresh and amazing. If the PTR is accurate, Everfall will have new looking houses too. It'll take a bit of time to get accustomed to this big zone - especially learning the new expedition, Ennead.

A bonus exp will run leading to October 18. More information on the New World website.

Manitoba raising minimum wage
September 26, 2022
Minimum wage will increase to $13.50 on October in Manitoba and slated to $15 next year.

Following consultations with the labour and business communities, the provincial hourly minimum wage will increase to $13.50 from $11.95 on Oct. 1, 2022. Additionally, the province intends a further increase of 65 cents on April 1, 2023, that will raise the minimum wage to $14.15 per hour. With the expected consumer price index increase for 2022, the next indexed adjustment will bring Manitoba’s minimum wage to around $15 for Oct. 1, 2023, the premier added.

Wanted: His and Her Circumstances Reboot!
September 23, 2022
Hauntingly beautiful and frighteningly nostalgic, His and Her Circumstances is ripe for an anime reboot. The original anime was directed by Hideaki Anno (Evangelion), and ran only a short 26 episodes.

His and Her Circumstances is about Yukino and Arima, and how their unusual school rivalry would lead to them becoming a couple instead. Kare-Kano (the short title) is a rom-com, but the anime (in particular) portrayed serious personal psychological themes involving self-esteem, friendship, and forgiveness. It's a coming of age title dealing with growing up and defining what exactly is the future - including the future of being together.

As the characters grow on you, so do the dramatic soundtracks. The still life images that serve as a backdrop to each monologue evokes emotions of joy or dread. The accompanying music does justice to these scenes. These still life images and ambiance are the things that remind me when I see an image of Kare Kano. Soon the story becomes personal and close to heart. And then it ends.

Give His and Her Circumstances a try. And in this age of isekai themes, familiar storylines, or dwindling novelty, His and Her Circumstances is a welcome addition to re-watch. More importantly perhaps, it should be considered for a reboot - similar to Fruits Basket. After all, the 26th episode is nowhere near the end in the manga. A far FAR cry from the end. His and Her Circumstances is a gem.

Make Aeternum Green Again
September 20, 2022
My cousin sent me a screenshot of Orofena in Green for New World.

The current state of Orofena (NA-EAST server, New World): the Greens have it.

We're green too.

The green companies may be preparing before the incoming updates to the War mechanics. Or perhaps the Marauders are simply the better faction in Orofena right now. Competition is needed. Anyway, New World will attempt to revamp the war prior to adding Brimstone Sands on October. The notable proposals will address shell companies where a one company uses a proxy companies to bypass certain things (eg. exclusive war rosters, wealth, fight multiple wars the same day).

Some proposals would be to have a certain number of players at the same company during the war. A combination of cooldown timers from the last war played, or last company change are also considered. The problem is if one company can get unstoppable if they get all the wealth from the game thanks to shell companies. Other revamps mentioned to be released include crafting improvements and spreading wealth generation among the towns. For the mean time, let us remember Green Orofena.

Resident Evil Village is coming to Switch. Sort of.
September 15, 2022
Resident Evil Village (Cloud) will be a paid and streamed game to the Nintendo Switch. Other planned titles for Resident Evil cloud games would be 7, 2, 3 remakes.

Nintendo Direct featured Resident Evil Village as a cloud game for the Nintendo Switch. Resident Evil 7, the RE2, RE3 remakes are also planned as stream only games for the Switch. It's a thing for some player, I guess. But it's a pass for me: I don't want to pay full price for a cloud game I can play on tested systems. The Internet connection reliability will affect my game. There's the possibility of server closures (if it bombs or if the service ends). Mods will also be unlikely since these files are installed on the local system.

So It appears to me that this is marketed toward those who don't have any other systems except for the Nintendo Switch. But will even mobile gaming work while traveling? We'll see when Resident Evil Village (Cloud) arrives on October 28 for the Nintendo Switch.

Blizzard made a new Warcraft game -- for mobile gaming.
September 14, 2022
Here's an idea, Warcraft 4. Which can pave way to WOW 2. But Blizzard announces the mobile game Warcraft Arclight Rumble.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble is a summoner / line war game which features Warcraft lore and characters. Saying it's set in the Warcraft universe doesn't sit well with me -- reserved to that which is canon on the Warcraft story. Warcraft Arclight Rumble is a spin-off mobile game as it's Blizzard other attempt to break through mobile gaming. The other would be Diablo: Immortal.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble does not have base building, but players will deploy units (called minis) to overwhelm the opposing summoner. The units look like toys. You're also able to do AOE spells to aid your units from time to time.

If anything, I'm indifferent to Arclight Rumble. It's nice for Blizzard to add another Warcraft game. Arclight Rumble is nothing new per se. While it's truly not a bad idea to introduce a Warcraft game in the mobile arena, I think players are getting antsy for Warcraft 4 which can pave way to WOW 2. Look at Overwatch 2, it's the least Blizzard game to have its second iteration - when it's virtually the same game as the previous one.

Internet Explorer will retire tomorrow
June 14, 2022
From its namesake, IE was the Internet explorer for Windows since Windows 95. After 26 years, IE will retire on June 15, 2022 and would be replaced by Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer was my first Internet browser since Windows 98 (we still didn't have dial-up back in Year/Windows 95). It had opened up the world for me. The Internet was fresh and new. The possibilities for the Internet was still a bright future back then. When the new millenium dawned upon us, new browsers were released such as Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. And these alternatives naturally poised to surpass IE in terms of speed and mobility.

While we can say that IE got left behind along the popular web browser race, IE was once the primary web browser for most people. Especially for the laypeople that needed only to browse the Internet (i.e no pun intended, click and wait for the page to load). I've started web-design on the Internet Explorer. I would also post designer notes on the website of what's the recommended browser and resolution. These "credits" were sort of a signature of the web designer in the early 2000s back when blogging and HTML porting was popular. And then compare designs between different browsers. There was so much work involved because of the different browsers!

Anyway, I remember. I'm sentimental. If it was retired on August, IE would've turned 27. There were a lot of good times. There were a few bad times. At the very least, IE allowed me to download other browsers whenever I install an OS. Rest easy now, IE. And let Edge take over.

The "Weird" Al Yankovic Story coming soon!
May 17, 2022
It's about time Weird Al Yankovic gets a film homage and it's adorable.

What started as a satire concept trailer will now be a full length film. The "Weird" Ak Yankovic Story teaser trailer is here.

Daniel Radcliffe will star as Weird Al Yankovic along with notable star Rainn Wilson (known famously as Dwight Schrute from The Office).

It's an adorable tribute. Weird Al Yankovic has been in the music and entertainment industry since 1976 and has been parodying pop songs until now. He's made written and starred the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movie in 1989 and now will be portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe. He is stil active in his career; he appears on Weezer's cover of Africa (originally sung by Toto).

For real though, Weird Al Yankovic has a great voice, extended vocal range, and a fast tongue. He's a great artist. A genius perhaps for his witty writing and composition. I mean listen to one of his original songs in the hey-days, "You Don't Love Me Anymore".

TERA shutting down after 10 years of MMO
April 21, 2022
The TERA MMO will shut down on June 30, 2022 after 10 years of play on PC and consoles.

Now that TERA is shutting down, what becomes of TERA players?

TERA was released on PC as early as January 25, 2011 and also made its way to PS4/Xbox One consoles in 2018.

TERA peaked at around 28 million players worldwide and boasted some unique outfits, armors, and character designs on its conception. The character design had more impact than its world that skins were ported to games like Skyrim.

TERA had a free-to-play, and a pay-to-play subscription. So this triggers my deep concern on investing time on MMOs. Once they shut off, we're left with no choice but to accept the decision that we won't be playing it anymore. We also would overlook any culpability involved by the developers. If the pay-to-play aspect of the game did not help incentivize developers, then what will?

TERA shutting down should allow for private servers since the work will be ceased and abandoned.

There are circulating threads about how Elyon (another BHS MMO) caused the backend shutdown to TERA. The overarching issue is apparently a financial problem and mismanagement issue in Bluehole Studios.

According to Gameforge hosting the TERA Club Membership, TERA developers asks players to respect this decision on shutting down the game. TERA will run permanent events until its shutdown on June 30, 2022.