May 08, 2023
Clone High will be showing on HBO Max and will resume what was left off in 2002.

Clone High is an adult cartoon sitcom about the clones of famous historical figures and their high school lives. It left a void from its abrupt and hilarious cliff-hanging finale back in 2002. I only discovered it in 2008 but Clone High became an instant favorite as it aired a familiar humour from Scrubs. I found the news from Tommy Walter (Abandoned Pools) social media. Check out the Clone High reboot trailer.

The Clone High reboot will premiere on May 23, 2023 via HBO Max. Abe, JFK, and Jean will be back. New characters will include Confucius, Harriet Tubman, Christopher Columbus, and Frida Kahlo. So we address the elephant in the room, Gandhi may not (most likely will not) be returning notably due to his controversial portrayal in the 2002 Clone High. If you've seen the original season, you'll see some significant changes (such as JFK and Jean), but this also hints the direction of the storyline.

MAKE WAY! Age of Empires II coming hot with a big expansion pack!
April 26, 2023
Age of Empires II drops in a beefy expansion pack that adds a fan-favorite civ and all the civilizations of the first Age of Empires from 26 years ago.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition will have a new beefy expansion pack! It's 2023 and we're still playing Age of Empires II! Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Return of Rome (what a mouthful) will release on May 16, 2023! The new expansion will feature 17 civilizations from the first Age of Empires, a new civilization, and of course the fan-favorite civ of the Romans. There will be 3 new fully voiced campaigns too. I haven't even purchased AOE 4 yet (while AOE 3 seats daintly on my library), and here we are turning our heads back to the classic.

Kimi ni Todoke live action series on Netflix
April 03, 2023
Sawako graces the live film once again with Kimi ni Todoke on Netflix.

The first live adaptation of Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You) ran in 2010 but it seems like another live adaptation of Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You) is on Netflix (since March 30, 2023). Note that the two english translations of the title are simply synonymous. Sawako Kuronuma is a friendly yet misunderstood high school girl whose appearance resembles the horror film character Sadako. She meets the popular guy in class, Kazehaya Shouta, while looking for the assembly. Sawako and Kazehaya become friends. More importantly Sawako's world changes and the class notices the real Sawako - sweet and helpful. Love blossoms as they try to live out their high school lives.

Kimi ni Todoke is one of the popular rom-com titles back in late 2006 because the theme was attractive at the time. Early 2000s also had similar manga of The Wallflower, with a shut-in Sunako and a group of ikemen trying to pull her out of being a NEET. Then you have Say I Love You, with a "gloomy" Mei and a popular Yamato. Heck His and Her Circumstances in the late 90s also catered to both shonen and shoujo fans with rom-com and coming-of-age themes. If Kimi ni Todoke is your cup-of-tea, check it out on Netflix (as well as those mangas I mentioned).

Self-driving car will repossess itself if you miss payments
March 08, 2023
If you miss payments, this new technology will reduce comfort in your car. Then the car will self-drive itself back to the dealership after more missed payments.

According to Daily Mail UK, Ford patents a technology for self-driving cars that repossess itself. This news has been picked up by several news outlets such as The Independent, The Guardian, Gizmodo, etc. Based on the report, Ford is trying to implement levels of system prompts when the owner misses payments. It would display messages, disable comfort features, and ultimately drive itself back to the dealership after more missed payments.

Depending on the car's mileage it would even drive itself to the scrapyard. Another possibility would be to lock the owner out. Of course the car has to be connected to the Internet so it's aware of said "missed" payment.

Safety is the biggest concern. In times of crisis or emergency, would you have a usable car? What if the car glitches and suddenly decides to leave? It seems like a meme. The safety involved on self-driving cars (let alone getting to your destination safe) is still questionable. We also have to be wary and cautious on this development as other car manufacturers may be interested to install similar tech. The customer may not feel safe with this feature, but having this tech implemented to all cars of the future certainly is another discussion for another day.

Decidueye will join Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
March 07, 2023
A new Decidueye 7-star raid will occur on March 17-19 on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
We got a Pokémon remake, but it's not what you think.
February 28, 2023
Almost four years after its announcement, Pokemon Sleep is finally making its way to mobile devices and a new accessory that looks familiar.

Pokemon Sleep is a spin-off game for mobile devices namely Android and iOS. Not to fall behind on introducing a new accessory, the Pokemon Go + PLUS will arrive this July. It feels like a remake of the Pokemon Go + but with the addition of the Pokemon Sleep functions.

Personally it feels like it's a remake of the Pokewalker. The humble Pokewalker is a pedometer that you carry or strap with you where curious Pokemon you encounter would "follow" you along the trip. You would first transfer your "lead" mon to the Pokewalker, measure your steps, and then transfer any mons that followed to your box. The Pokewalker and the 3DS system would communicate via the handheld's Infrared. The Pokewalker was such a cool concept. I kept two of which - since I bought Pokemon HeartGold and Soulsilver. It made my commute a little more pleasant and fun back in 2010.

Pokemon HeartGold and Soulsilver with a couple of Pokewalker.
Image by: Sam1

In Pokemon Sleep, you're sort of collecting your hours by keeping track of your sleep and rhythm. And Pokemon Go involved catching Pokemon on your commute (err... journeys) although in a much grander scale. Little did we know that the Pokewalker was the pilot for future accessories. It was a freebie inside a game box. Whether it's worth getting the Pokemon GO Plus Plus (sorry I still can't help laugh) that would be a discussion for another day.

Throne and Liberty to be published by Amazon Games
February 22, 2023
Upcoming MMO Throne and Liberty developed by NCSoft to be published by Amazon Games.

After Amazon Games have come to an agreement with NCSoft, Amazon Games will publish Throne and Liberty MMO. The upcoming MMO will be playable on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. This comes as a big surprise which also makes me uncertain as Throne and Liberty looks similar to New World. Note that Amazon Games is also set to publish Blue Protocol - an online ARPG.

Obviously Throne and Liberty is different from New World. But it begs the question of how will it fare among MMO published by Amazon Games. As mentioned, TnL looks similar to New World. And New World's player count sits around 20k which is not a good sign when it peaked at almost a million after launch. Although we're optimistic because of the developer's roadmap. And the Lost Ark actual player counts cast doubt due to bot problems.

On another note, how will this also affect Amazon Games' previous MMO? In my experience with EA on Battlefield and Medal of Honor, the former ate the latter's player base. My uncertainty lies on conflict of interest. But Throne and Liberty does look promising and is set in a medieval fantasy - different from New World's age of exploration setting. It is the spiritual successor (if not the sequel) to Lineage. I'm not labeling it as the next big thing. There's too much pressure and I believe we should leave it to do its own thing. We're still waiting whether it's Play model. Don't forget about Ashes of Creation though.

Couple leaves baby in airport after refusing to buy another plane ticket
February 09, 2023
A couple leaves their baby in an Israeli airport to avoid paying for an extra ticket.

I still can't get over this story. A couple refused to pay for another ticket and left their baby near the check-in desk while they attempted to board their flight. According to a local news, after the couple refused to purchase another ticket for the baby, a commotion started, and the couple left toward the direction of their flight. The incident occured in Tel Aviv airport. A flight attendant noticed the baby and the local police were notified.

The police have taken the couple in for questioning. The couple were not identified, but held Belgian passports. They were heading back to Belgium via a Ryanair flight. This incident took place about a week ago and has caught the attention of several mainstream media as well (including CNN, Fox, CTV, etc.)

Perhaps it's not their baby. Perhaps it's a case of child trafficking. There are no updates to this story, but I feel that there should be more. Since there is no update, it's most likely the case of the real parents leaving their natural born. But even if that's the case, would it be fine to return the baby? I imagine the relatives being contacted and getting involved after this incident since it's all over the news.

PSA: The Witcher event in Lost Ark ends on Feb. 22
February 04, 2023
The Witcher crosses over to Arkesia and the Lost Ark event will end on February 22.

The Witcher event in Lost Ark is almost over. The reception is lukewarm but I personally will purchase the Geralt and Ciri skins. I still have my leftover premium gems from purchasing The Platinum Founder's Pack. But due to recent false negative bans, the endless bot problem, and the lack of content compared to the Korean servers, I honestly don't know what will happen to Amazon's Lost Ark in the near future.

The Lost Ark event takes place on the "Witcher" island where the famous Witcher cast gives you quests to complete. I'm not sure if I'm interested enough to start them (by talking to the Guildmaster). But one thing's for sure, the reason I posted this article serves as my reminder to purchase those skins before it ends.

Load out as The Undertaker in Rainbow Six Because why not?
January 17, 2023
Undertaker and Becky Lynch operator cosmetic bundles available for purchase in Rainbow Six Siege.

WWE crosses over with the Rainbow Six with The Undertaker and Becky Lynch operator cosmetics bundles in the UbiSoft store. The bundle includes the skin, headgear, charm, card bg, and weapon skin. Each Individual Operator bundle can be purchased for 2160 R6 credits or 4080 R6 credits for both (for Thorn and/or Thorn operator).

I'm absolutely dumbfounded of this crossover. But I mean why not? It's not like a Rainbow Six operator (an elite multinational counter-terrorism unit) couldn't dress up as The Undertaker. I guess anything goes as long as it's like Fortnite.

Greninja comes to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
January 16, 2023
Catch Greninja from the 7-Star Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on January 27-29 and February 10-12!

The Greninja 7-star raid will take place in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on January 27 through 29. The second string of the Greninja 7-star raids will take place once more on February 10 through 12. The news comes from and Nintendo Life. Time to craft your battle plans!

Greninja is a Gen VI dark / water type Pokemon, and the water-type starter in Pokemon X & Y (along with my favorite Fennekin, and Chespin). It also appeared on the Detective Pikachu movie as one of the instrumental antagonists. In any case, start amassing extra mons for surprise trades just in case you miss out. Granted it's a breedable Greninja (not Ash-Greninja), I'll make sure to inject a hatched Froakie into surprise trades.

Urgent: Please add this to the Pokemon Picnic!
January 06, 2023
Picnic in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is nice, but please let me kick the ball, Gamefreak.

Here are a few quick improvements to the Pokemon picnic that could increase Gamefreak stocks!

  • Be able to kick the ball during Picnic. For goodness' sake, my mons are passing the ball and want to play with me. Kicking it is better than running and steering the ball back to them.
  • Be able to move while taking a selfie. The brats are running around me!
  • Be able to order your mons to stay still or pose while the camera is active. They just won't hold still!

  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are obviously eager for an expansion content. But I hope these improvements would be implemented immediately. It would be a terrible mistake to ignore improving the Picnic activity. Immersion-wise, it's great to play soccer with your team. On a practical note, there's nothing else to do while I'm waiting for eggs in the basket.

    Epic to shut down OG Unreal Tournament
    December 15, 2022
    Epic Games will shutdown the Unreal Tournament alpha and its older Unreal Tournament titles. Unreal was among the kings of FPS along Half-Life and Quake in the early hey-days of multiplayer FPS.

    Epic Games will shut down its older titles namely the newest Unreal Tournament alpha and its predecessors. UT pioneered FPS modes such as Domination and Last Man Standing. There was also an Invasion mode where your team tries to survive the waves of enemies. Bots kept the game's longevity.

    While Epic closes its Unreal Tournament IP, it announced the Fortnite's newest season featuring Doomguy. I don't play Fortnite. Certainly Fortnite is Epic's cash cow. So it seems that the market feasibility for the Unreal Tournament Alpha deemed not lucrative. The newest iteration of (alpha) Unreal Tournament started back in 2014.

    The good news for Unreal fans is Unreal Tournament 3 will make a comeback. I was fortunate to buy the physical copy. Not only did Epic note its comeback, it also seems that there will be an Unreal Tournament 3 X (or Unreal Tournament X according to its Steam page) which will be a free version of UT3. And when there is UT3, there is still the possibility of the successor. I find it truly ironic how Epic can't create a new Unreal game using their marketed Unreal 5 engine.

    The Unreal Tournament GOTY is still available on, if you're feeling nostalgic.

    Thanks for the Company, Francene
    December 12, 2022
    What started as a screenshot prompted memories of overcoming the past struggles.