TLDR Life: Life By You is Cancelled
Life By You is Cancelled
June 17, 2024
Life By You, a potential rival of The Sims, has been cancelled.

Life By You was a promising life-sim game that was supposed to have an Early Access this 2024. The EA build has been delayed twice. A disappointing news however has been announced by Lilja Mattias, Deputy CEO of Paradox Interactive, that Life By You has been cancelled. According to the announcement, (unspecified) key areas of the game have been found lacking, and the overall result was deemed unsatisfactory.

The biggest selling point of Life By You was its open-world concurrent gameplay, similar to The Sims 3. Rod Humble explained that neighborhoods would transform as your game progresses.

The official statement indicated that incremental improvements during their builds. Which makes all of this a little confusing. There is clearly a demand in the Life-sim category of gaming. And none of the upcoming competitors such as Paralives, Vivaland, or Sims 5 are even releasing soon. In the end, cancelling Life By You is primarily the biggest disappointment among players especially those who have preordered the game.