TLDR Life: ASUS makes a statement to ROG Ally Warranty
ASUS makes a statement to ROG Ally Warranty
June 03, 2024
ASUS makes a statement about Enhanced Warranty to ROG Ally after warranty complaints made on social media.

ASUS makes a public statement regarding Enhanced Warranty to their ROG Ally. According to ASUS, all ROG Ally (RC71L model) sold in North America will be covered by a two-year warranty. The statement made appears to be a response to the YouTube videos created by Gamers Nexus regarding their ASUS warranty issue for the ROG Ally.

The ASUS statement reads:
Dear ROG Ally Community
We want to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and patience as we develop and improve the ROG Ally Handheld (RC71L). Since this is a new platform for us, we've learned a lot from your feedback and have made significant improvements.
To demonstrate our commitment to providing the best possible handheld experience, we would like to announce that all ROG Ally (RC71L) in North America will now be covered under the 2-year Warranty (WEP) program.

We understand that the ROG Ally is a new platform, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to take every opportunity to make it better. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we're dedicated to supporting and developing the best possible handheld experience.

Check out the latest details on our service site on, we will continue to reveal more support updates regularly over the coming weeks and months on this page.

Thank you for being part of the journey.


Gamers Nexus is a YouTube channel that reviews the latest gadgets for gaming and PC components. GN created a video where they've sent their ROG Ally back for service under warranty due to a defective micro-SD slot and a drifting left joystick. They filled up an RMA form and indicated a broken left joystick. Part of the ASUS RMA repair form mentions that servicing may involve wiping the data off the device, so GN physically removed their SSD. ASUS then responded to GN with a $200 charge for a different defect (and not the left stick); ASUS followed up that the charge is due to a CID or Customer Induced Damage. ASUS customer service also added that should GN decide not to pay for the service, their ROG Ally will be returned disassembled.

ASUS sent a screenshot of a dent on the case which it believes as the CID. While GN cites the US Magnusson Moss Act that their device should be serviced under warranty. GN received the fixed ROG Ally back although only after making, what GN claims, a strong pushback to the ASUS customer service. ASUS sent a response letter on the GN second video. In the end, GN posted these videos as a three-part, with with part 3 seemingly serving as the tail end of the issue with tips on consumer protection. However, with this new ASUS statement, it is likely that GN may respond as well. GN's three ROG Ally warranty videos racked up approximately 3.4 million views as of today.