TLDR Life: Palworld's First Raid with Bellanoir
Palworld's First Raid with Bellanoir
March 21, 2024
The Bellanoir raid will become Palworld's first raid plus work management feature to follow.

First of all, Palworld has become my new staple game on the PC.

Palworld will introduce Bellanoir, the newest Pal, with the upcoming Bellanoir raid. But more importantly, a worker management feature will be implemented as well. The worker management will be big as it is an essential (and fundamental) function needed in managing who's doing what in your base. For example, I have tons of berries, so I need to reassign my Pals on skipping on planting.

They should add the task priority system immediately.

List of optimizations and QoL improvements:
1. If a Pal goes past the base radius, teleport it to Palbox. Or allow Pal to be able to move back to Palbox.
2. If a Pal has low SAN, Pal must prioritze heading to an open Hotspring.
3. If a Pal is distant and not engaged in combat, teleport to player.
4. Be able to get off a Pal when directly in front of a shrine.
5. Fix base building regarding not too much support on platforms.
6. Fix assigning Pals by way of targeting the facility instead.
7. Fix animation when assigning Pals to a hotspring.
8. Auto-move.
9. Add the interact function to furniture.

Here is my quick wishlist:
1. As mentioned, add a user interface that lets us see the pals in the base, and edit their available tasks.
2. Introduce weather. I want a rain ambiance while inside my house. (Fallout 4 did this and it was refreshing).
3. Vanila setting to increasing the base radius.
4. Vanilla setting of host to increase number of bases to more than 3.
5. Add 6 slots to a Pal party.
6. Add more potted plant assets and clutter (emphasize on the POTTED PLANTS)!
7. Add another facility to increase SAN.
8. Add items to revive or restore health.
9. Character re-creation tool.

Yes, I'm still playing Palworld. Some folks may have burned out from it, and that's fine. As for me, I'm still having fun with it.