TLDR Life: Meta was down today
Meta was down today
March 05, 2024
Meta platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Threads were down. And I thought my account was hacked.

I paused for a moment figuring out the unfamiliar image of why I had to log in to Facebook on my phone. I entered my password, but it didn't work. I tried again and it said that my password was incorrect. I tried to check my password manager and make sure it's the right password. Then I prompte for account recovery mode. Nothing worked. I started thinking that my account was hacked. Then my cousin sent me an text (to clarify: SMS) asking if my Facebook is down.

Facebook was down. Including Instagram and Threads too. Everybody flocked to X (Twitter) hashtagging #facebookdown. Thus another reminder how much Facebook has affected much of our lives. However, making Twitter apparently the fall back social media platform. Elon Musk made a snarky tweet about it. Honestly, I wasn't bothered; I don't think anybody was. Facebook was back around 11am (Central). Though I sure wish that other people join me on other platforms such as Parler, Minds, Gab or Rumble.