TLDR Life: Charles Martinet to step down as voice of Mario
Charles Martinet to step down as voice of Mario
August 21, 2023
Charles Martinet, legendary voice actor of Mario, will no longer voice Nintendo's popular plumber.

Nintendo confirms that the legendary voice actor Charles Martinet will be stepping back from voicing the videogame character Mario. Nintendo posted this tweet and added that both Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles Martinet himself will be posting more info.

Charles Martinet also reposted the news on his own Twitter account. Charles will still be involved in the Mario gaming world as Nintendo's brand ambassador instead. Fans will be wondering what will become of the next voice of Mario: will we hear something similar to Lou Albano? Similar to Charles again? Or a momentum toward similar to Chris Pratt's voice?

Also, an interesting note that Charles Martinet voiced Paarthunax from Skyrim. We hope that Charles enjoys his retirement and certainly wishes him well.