TLDR Life: Microsoft's PC Manager tool is free and useful
Microsoft's PC Manager tool is free and useful
July 12, 2023
Microsoft PC Manager (currently in beta) is now available for free to keep your OS safe and clean.

You can download Microsoft PC Manager from the Microsoft website if you have a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC. It features:

  • A Boost function to clean up temporary files.
  • A more detailed disk cleanup tool.
  • A PC health checkup tool.
  • And an antivirus which is works together with Windows Security.

  • I've downloaded Microsoft PC Manager and it reminds me of CCleaner with an antivirus tool. It looks easy to use and I'm delightfully surprised on keeping me informed on some available updates for my computer - those I haven't found on the Windows updates list. PC Manager acts as a separate (or another layer of) antivirus as Windows Security is still running.

    Note that the software is still in beta, so we're not on version 1.0 yet. Although I think it's an instant welcome addition for all Windows 10/11 machines. When Microsoft came up with Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials, and now Windows Security - it's a huge relief on my budget to abstain from purchasing cumbersome and expensive antivirus out there. They all worked too.