TLDR Life: Kimi ni Todoke live action series on Netflix
Kimi ni Todoke live action series on Netflix
April 03, 2023
Sawako graces the live film once again with Kimi ni Todoke on Netflix.

The first live adaptation of Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You) ran in 2010 but it seems like another live adaptation of Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You) is on Netflix (since March 30, 2023). Note that the two english translations of the title are simply synonymous. Sawako Kuronuma is a friendly yet misunderstood high school girl whose appearance resembles the horror film character Sadako. She meets the popular guy in class, Kazehaya Shouta, while looking for the assembly. Sawako and Kazehaya become friends. More importantly Sawako's world changes and the class notices the real Sawako - sweet and helpful. Love blossoms as they try to live out their high school lives.

Kimi ni Todoke is one of the popular rom-com titles back in late 2006 because the theme was attractive at the time. Early 2000s also had similar manga of The Wallflower, with a shut-in Sunako and a group of ikemen trying to pull her out of being a NEET. Then you have Say I Love You, with a "gloomy" Mei and a popular Yamato. Heck His and Her Circumstances in the late 90s also catered to both shonen and shoujo fans with rom-com and coming-of-age themes. If Kimi ni Todoke is your cup-of-tea, check it out on Netflix (as well as those mangas I mentioned).