TLDR Life: Epic to shut down OG Unreal Tournament
Epic to shut down OG Unreal Tournament
December 15, 2022
Epic Games will shutdown the Unreal Tournament alpha and its older Unreal Tournament titles. Unreal was among the kings of FPS along Half-Life and Quake in the early hey-days of multiplayer FPS.

Epic Games will shut down its older titles namely the newest Unreal Tournament alpha and its predecessors. UT pioneered FPS modes such as Domination and Last Man Standing. There was also an Invasion mode where your team tries to survive the waves of enemies. Bots kept the game's longevity.

While Epic closes its Unreal Tournament IP, it announced the Fortnite's newest season featuring Doomguy. I don't play Fortnite. Certainly Fortnite is Epic's cash cow. So it seems that the market feasibility for the Unreal Tournament Alpha deemed not lucrative. The newest iteration of (alpha) Unreal Tournament started back in 2014.

The good news for Unreal fans is Unreal Tournament 3 will make a comeback. I was fortunate to buy the physical copy. Not only did Epic note its comeback, it also seems that there will be an Unreal Tournament 3 X (or Unreal Tournament X according to its Steam page) which will be a free version of UT3. And when there is UT3, there is still the possibility of the successor. I find it truly ironic how Epic can't create a new Unreal game using their marketed Unreal 5 engine.

The Unreal Tournament GOTY is still available on, if you're feeling nostalgic.