TLDR Life: RTX 5090 leak
RTX 5090 leak
October 12, 2022
A closed Reddit post makes fun of what the RTX 5090 could look like - a massive chonk that could fit a computer inside.

A Reddit post made me laugh since the RTX 4090 is released today. GPU prices (mainly NVidia) skyrocketed at one point costing at the thousands. And the pricing continues to be left unchecked. They've become chunkier and more power hungry too as next-gen games have become frames-per-second intensive. If benchmarks are accurate, the RTX 4090 would actually be my last videocard (or at least worth the investment). We would have to see that soon.

With a $1599 card, I wish for that GPU would have its own NVMe, RAM, PSU, and Cooling system (+ CPU perhaps).

Meanwhile Intel's ARC graphics cards would be a welcomed competition for all gamers. There has to be more competitors in the GPU market. Graphics card prices are ridiculous. The Intel ARC would rival the RTX 3060; but most importantly the ARC 770 is priced at $329. Bring balance to the market, Intel!