TLDR Life: Brimstone Sands will release on October 18
Brimstone Sands will release on October 18
October 04, 2022
New World's newest expansion Brimstone Sands will release on October 18 proving insider information correct.

Brimstone Sands, the newest zone in Aeternum, will be released on October 18. Players don't need to purchase this content. Brimstone Sands is three times larger than any territory and the whole region can be contested by a faction.

There are new outposts, NPCs, enemies, and materials to find in Brimstone Sands. Note that players must be max level in order to go to Brimstone Sands. Thus you will need your best gear to farm solo and do quests.

The Great Sword will be the newest weapon and will scale with STR and DEX attributes evenly. Some other updates would be map revamps and faction bases. Everfall looks like a progressive European town.

It's funny that the leaked date was correct. The first thing that we would do is to increase our standing in Brimstone Sands so that we can buy a house there immediately. The houses there look fresh and amazing. If the PTR is accurate, Everfall will have new looking houses too. It'll take a bit of time to get accustomed to this big zone - especially learning the new expedition, Ennead.

A bonus exp will run leading to October 18. More information on the New World website.