TLDR Life: Wanted: His and Her Circumstances Reboot!
Wanted: His and Her Circumstances Reboot!
September 23, 2022
Hauntingly beautiful and frighteningly nostalgic, His and Her Circumstances is ripe for an anime reboot. The original anime was directed by Hideaki Anno (who directed Evangelion), and ran only a short 26 episodes.

His and Her Circumstances about Yukino and Arima, and how their unusual school rivalry had lead to them becoming a couple instead. Kare-Kano (the short title) is a rom-com, but the anime (in particular) portrayed some serious personal psychological themes involving self-esteem, value, acceptance, etc. It's a borderline coming of age title dealing with growing up and defining what exactly is the future - including the future of us. As the characters grow on you, so do the dramatic soundtracks. Later on, the story becomes personal and close to heart. And then it ends.

Give His and Her Circumstances a try. And in this age of isekai themes, similar storylines, or dwindling novelty, His and Her Circumstances is a welcome addition to rewatch. Perhaps to be considered for a reboot even - similar to Fruits Basket. After all, the 26th episode is nowhere near the end in the manga. A far FAR cry from the end. His and Her Circumstances is a gem.