TLDR Life: Resident Evil Village is coming to Switch. Sort of.
Resident Evil Village is coming to Switch. Sort of.
September 15, 2022
Resident Evil Village (Cloud) will be a paid and streamed game to the Nintendo Switch. Other planned titles for Resident Evil cloud games would be 7, 2, 3 remakes.

Nintendo Direct featured Resident Evil Village as a cloud game for the Nintendo Switch. Resident Evil 7, the RE2, RE3 remakes are also planned as stream only games for the Switch. It's a thing for some player, I guess. But it's a pass for me: I don't want to pay full price for a cloud game I can play on tested systems. The Internet connection reliability will affect my game. There's the possibility of server closures (if it bombs or if the service ends). Mods will also be unlikely since these files are installed on the local system.

So It appears to me that this is marketed toward those who don't have any other systems except for the Nintendo Switch. But will even mobile gaming work while traveling? We'll see when Resident Evil Village (Cloud) arrives on October 28 for the Nintendo Switch.